1310nm direct modulation optical transmitter with AGC

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● Imported double module RF driver
● LCD screen on the front panel can display relative operating status and the fault information.
● Automatic laser modulation (MOI) control, AGC & MGC
● Double power supply, SNMP
● Full-automatically control of casing temperature

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Product Name: 1310nm optical transmitter Material: Alloy
Wavelength: 1310nm±10nm Output power: 18mw
Usage: CATV network Connector: SC  APC/FC APC
Output port: 1/2 ports Origin: Hangzhou,China

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1310nm direct modulation optical transmitter with AGC
Place of Origin China
Brand name H-opti link
Warranty 1 year

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Minimum Order Quantity 1
Packaging Details normal export packaging
Supply Ability 50000pcs


HCOT-1310nm direct modulation optical transmitter series has high performance, high reliability and excellent performance-cost ratio and short distance transmission product.
It is used for short-distance optical fiber transmission of television TV signal, adapts high-performance DFB laser as light source with RF power automatic processing technology guarantees excellent machine performance. Its perfect features make it the first choice for large-scale HFC network.

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Performance  Unit  Technical Data
 CATV working wavelength nm 1300-1320
Number of output ports PCS 1/2
Transmission distance km 5-10 or 10-25
Output power Mw 2-30
Reflection loss dBm ≥55
Working broadband MHz 47-1000
Flatness dB ≤±0.75
RF input level dBuV  80±5(AGC)
AGC control range dBm ±10
MGC control range dBm ±10
Test channel PAL-D/60CH or NTSC80CH
RF detection db 0±1
CNR db  ≥-50
CTB db ≤-67
CSO db ≤-62
RF connector F-Female
Connector type FC/APC or  SC/APC
Supply voltage V 220VAC or -48VDC
Power consumption W ≤50
Working Temperature -5~65
Storage temperature -40~80
 Size 19*14.7*1.75

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