1550nm EYDFA High Power Multi-Way Optical Amplifier

Short Description:


-10~+10dBm Optical Input Power Range
1540~1563nm operating bandwidth
Total output power 27~40dBm
Low noise figure ( Typ ≤4.5dB, Max ≤5.0dB )
Output power can be adjusted
Optional dual optical input, built-in 2 × 1 optical switch
Credit-time function
Comprehensive SNMP management, and can by phone with IPV6 network.
Efficient space, simple and reliable in construction/maintenance
Remote management via SNMP and WEB Management

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Product Name: 1550nm  EDFA Material: Alloy
Wavelength: 1550nm±10nm Output power: 27-41db
Usage: CATV network Connector: SC APC/FC APC
Output port: 4/8/16/32/64 ports Origin: Hangzhou,China

1550nm EYDFA High Power Multi-Way Optical Amplifier
Place of Origin China
Brand name H-opti link
Warranty 3 year

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Minimum Order Quantity 1
Packaging Details normal export packaging
Supply Ability 50000pcs


CATV high power EDFA has standard series that is based on the optical power included 25~40dBm before splitter. This optical amplifier has built-in optical power splitter for providing up to 64 output ports. Standard is at 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 output power port.
Our high power EDFA is characterized by low noise and high linearity performance to meet the most demanding requirements of CATV and FTTx applications. It offers a flexible, low-cost solution for large area distribution networks.


Performance Technical Data
CATV working wavelength 1540~1563nm
OLT wavelength 1310~1490nm
Number of OLT in 8 /16/32/64ports  Optional
Number of output port 8 /16/32/64ports  Optional
Output power of each port 13~23dBm
Total output power 33-40dBm
CATV input optical power -10~+10dBm   (Optional≥+3~+10)
Output power adjustment range -10~0dBm
Difference of each output powe -0.5~+0.5dBm
Noise figure (pin=0dBm) 4.5~5.0dB
Polarization dependence loss 0.3dB
 Polarization dependence gain 0.4dB
 Polarization mode dispersion 0.3ps
Pump leakage power -30dBm
 Connector type FC/APC  Optional( SC/APC   LC/APC)
Supply voltage 90~265V(220VAC)
 Warranty 3 years
Power consumption 150W
Operating Temperature -5~65℃
Storage temperature -40~80℃
 Size 19*14.7*3.5″  (2U)
Packing size 60*56*24cm

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