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  • Application of passive optical nodes

    With the popularization of information, people have also begun to in-depth research on the Internet. In recent years, many networks have been popularized all over the world, and people have also felt the convenience brought by information.

  • Application of CATV optical receivers

    CATV optical receiver, also known as radio frequency optical terminal unit, CATV optical terminal unit, etc., is an optical terminal unit that receives the CATV optical signal transmitted by the upper optical transmitter and is an optical terminal unit that converts optical fiber to radio frequency.

  • ​How does the CATV optical transmitter work?

    How does the CATV optical transmitter work?In the HFC network, the CATV optical transmitter is one of the core equipment of the system. It is used to carry out optical modulation of the radio frequency CATV signal, realize the opto-electric conversion (E/O), and send a continuous, stable and reliabl

  • ​Application of CATV optical transmitters

    Application of CATV optical transmittersThe CATV optical transmitter is one of the three major components (optical transmitter, optical fiber cable and optical receiver) in the digital optical fiber system. Its function is to transform the electric pulse signal into an optical pulse signal, and then

  • What are the Advantages of EDFA Optical Amplifiers?

    What are the Advantages of EDFA Optical Amplifiers?EDFA refers to the erbium-doped fiber amplifier, which is an optical signal amplifier doped with Er3 + in the fiber core through which the signal passes. It is one of the greatest inventions in optical fiber communication. The main function of the E

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