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What is the Function of the Outdoor Optical Receiver?
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What is the Function of the Outdoor Optical Receiver?

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What is the Function of the Outdoor Optical Receiver?

Due to the large loss and small capacity of traditional wire transmission, there are some limitations in the use, which can’t meet the increasing demand for communication in the rapid development of the information age. Optical fiber communication system has been widely used in various fields because of its advantages of large capacity, small channel loss, strong anti-interference and high transmission rate. As an important module in optical fiber communication system, the performance and development of optical receiver will have a direct impact on optical fiber communication system.


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What are the components of the outdoor optical receiver? 

What is the function of the outdoor optical receiver?

Where can an outdoor optical receiver be applied?


What are the components of the outdoor optical receiver?

For different brands of optical receivers, their internal functions and processes are quite different, but their basic functional structures are the same. The outdoor optical receiver is mainly composed of an optical detector, preamplifier, main amplifier, clock recovery circuit, data decision circuit, tap changer and other modules.

The function of the photodetector is to realize the transformation from an optical signal to an electrical signal. The preamplifier is closely connected with the photodetector, which is used to amplify the weak current of the photodetector. It must have the characteristics of low noise and high gain. The main amplifier is used to amplify the output signal of the preamplifier to the signal level required by the decision circuit. It is a gain adjustable amplifier. The equalizer is mainly used to adjust the signal waveform, so that the waveform can be used for decision. The combination of the decision maker and clock recovery circuit forms a pulse regeneration circuit, which restores the signal output from the equalizer to a digital signal of "0" or "1".


What is the Function of the Outdoor Optical Receiver?

The optical receiver is one of the three major components of the optical communication system and the core module of the optical interconnection system. Its function is to restore the optical pulse signal transmitted from the optical fiber line after rectification, amplification and conversion to the electrical signal before transmission and send it to the electric receiver after judgment processing. In the optical fiber communication system, the task of the optical receiver is to detect the transmitted weak light signal, to minimize the additional noise and distortion, and to amplify, shape and regenerate the information carried by the optical carrier after the optical fiber transmission is restored. The optical signal transmitted by the optical transmitter attenuates not only the amplitude but also the pulse waveform.


Where can an outdoor optical receiver be applied?

An optical receiver is usually used with an optical transmitter. In the long-distance RF signal transmission, the optical transmitter needs to transmit the optical signal to the optical receiver through the optical cable, and then the optical receiver receives and converts the signal to the display device.

The outdoor optical receiver is mainly used in buildings, communities or villages where users are concentrated, and high-level multi output distribution network. It is also suitable for use in places where it is not convenient to power on and a single device drives many users. If it is used in FTTB, FTTN, FTTC networks, it can realize the analog and digital signals to users. At the same time, it is also widely used in all kinds of cable TV systems, two-way cable TV modem, CATV system, satellite TV system, closed-circuit TV in residential area, CCTV monitoring system in a residential area, audio-visual system in hotels, audio-visual system in military units, schools and other educational audio-visual systems. The outdoor optical receiver can also realize network integration with ONU or EOC.


Because the optical signal in the optical fiber is very weak and the electrical signal converted by the optical detector is very small, the noise in the optical receiver will have a great impact on the optical receiver and even the whole optical fiber communication system. Therefore, the noise in the optical receiver should be as small as possible to ensure that the sensitivity of the optical receiver is high enough and the optical fiber communication system can work normally. Hengchi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to producing products that can stably serve optical fiber communication projects for 15 years since its establishment, and has been highly praised. If you are engaged in the outdoor optical receiver industry, you can consider our high quality products.

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