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What is the Benefit of EDFA Optical Amplifiers?
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What is the Benefit of EDFA Optical Amplifiers?

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What is the Benefit of EDFA Optical Amplifiers?

EDFA optical amplifier, also known as erbium-doped fiber amplifier, is a kind of special fiber with the rare earth element erbium injected into the fiber core. EDFA optical amplifier is particularly attractive, because it has many excellent characteristics, and also has many advantages in the system application, which makes WDM technology become a reality. Therefore, EDFA optical amplifier, which uses erbium-doped single-mode fiber as gain medium, produces particle number inversion under the action of pump light and realizes stimulated radiation amplification under the guidance of signal light, has become an ideal amplifier in modern optical fiber communication system.


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How is EDFA optical amplifier composed?

What is the benefit of EDFA optical amplifiers?

What are the application systems of EDFA optical amplifier?


How is EDFA optical amplifier composed?

The main part of the EDFA optical amplifier consists of erbium-doped fiber (EDF), pump light source, optical coupler, optical isolator and optical filter and other structures.

Erbium-doped fiber is a kind of fiber doped with a small amount of rare earth element erbium ions in the quartz fiber, which is the core structure of the EDFA optical amplifier. And if we need to activate the erbium-doped fiber, we need an external excitation source, which is the pump light source. The optical coupler can couple the light emitted from the pump light source and turned from different directions into the same fiber. In addition to these essential devices, an optical isolator is required on both sides of erbium-doped optical fibers. Its function is to isolate backscattered light and to ensure that erbium-doped optical fibers work in a stable environment and are not affected by other stray light. An optical filter is also needed. In addition to filtering out noise and improving the signal-to-noise ratio of the system, an optical filter also needs to filter out the light emitted by the pump light source so that the output light signal is the same frequency as the input light signal.


What is the benefit of EDFA optical amplifiers?

EDFA optical amplifier has many excellent benefits and many advantages in the system application.

1. The working wavelength of EDFA is just in the best band of optical fiber communication (1500 ~ 1600nm).

2. High gain, low noise and high output power. The gain of EDFA can reach 40dB, the noise figure can be as low as 3 ~ 4dB, and output power can reach 14 ~ 20dbm.

3. The gain characteristics of EDFA are independent of the state of light polarization.

4. For multi-channel transmission, EDFA has high isolation and no crosstalk, so it is suitable for the WDM system.

5. The pump power of erbium-doped fiber is low, only tens of milliwatts are needed, while the Raman amplifier needs 0.5 ~ 1W pump source.

6. The frequency band is wide. In the 1550nm window, the bandwidth is 20 ~ 40nm, which can be used for multi-channel transmission and is conducive to increasing the transmission capacity.

7. Low connection loss. Because EDFA belongs to an optical fiber amplifier, it is easy to connect with optical fiber, and the connection loss can be as low as 0.1dB.


What are the application systems of EDFA optical amplifier?

EDFA optical amplifier is widely used in the field of optical fiber communication.

In high-speed optical communication system with a large capacity, EDFA can make up for the defect that the receiver sensitivity of high-speed system is not high enough and the transmission distance without relay is not far enough. In the long distance optical communication system injected into the land trunk optical transmission system and submarine optical cable transmission system, EDFA can increase the relay distance, reduce the number of regenerative repeaters, and greatly reduce the construction cost.

In addition, in the optical user access network system, the optical amplifier can be used to compensate the optical loss caused by power distribution. In a WDM system, WDM plus fiber amplifier can not only solve the problem of insertion loss, but also reduce the influence of dispersion.

Finally, in an optical fiber CATV system, the insertion loss of the optical power divider can be compensated by an optical amplifier before distribution, which greatly improves the scale of the distribution network and the number of users. In all optical communication system, WDM and fiber amplifier can realize all-optical communication network with no up and down optical path, which makes the network scale expand.


EDFA optical amplifier is known as one of the most milestone inventions in the history of optical fiber communication because of its many advantages, which is also the reason why it is called the most ideal device in the field of optical fiber communication. Hengchi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. has more than 14 years of experience in complex optical fiber and electronic circuits, and all products can stably serve the optical fiber communication engineering and obtain a high evaluation. If you are engaged in erbium-doped fiber amplifier industry or have purchase demand, you can consider our high-quality products.

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