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How to Use Outdoor Optical Receivers?
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How to Use Outdoor Optical Receivers?

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How to Use Outdoor Optical Receivers?

An Optical receiver is a machine that receives the optical signal transmitted from optical fiber and converts it into an electrical signal for amplification. The performance of the optical receiver largely determines the performance of the whole optical fiber communication system. According to the different places of use, optical receivers can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type. The outdoor optical receiver is the most widely used optical terminal equipment in CATV.


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What are the components of the optical receiver?

What is the working principle of the optical receiver?

How to Use Outdoor Optical Receivers?


What are the components of the outdoor optical receiver?

In the system structure of the outdoor optical receiver, each module mainly includes an optical detector, preamplifier, main amplifier, clock recovery circuit, data decision circuit and demultiplexer. The optical detector converts the optical signal in the optical fiber into an electrical signal. The preamplifier converts the current signal from the optical detector into a voltage signal and amplifies it. The main amplifier further amplifies the voltage signal from the preamplifier to a constant amplitude and then transmits it to the subsequent digital circuit. An equalizer is mainly used to adjust the signal waveform.


What is the working principle of the outdoor optical receiver?

The basic working principle of the outdoor optical receiver is similar to that of the common trunk amplifier, except that there are more photoelectric converters. Firstly, the photoelectric converter converts the optical signal into RF TV signal, and then pre amplifies the signal with low noise. After reaching the designed level, it goes through the equalization adjustment and gain adjustment circuit, and finally outputs high-quality TV signal of about 100dB after amplification by the amplifier module. After the optical signal transmitted by the optical transmitter is transmitted, not only the amplitude is attenuated, but also the pulse waveform is broadened. The function of the optical receiver is to detect the weak optical signal transmitted, amplify, shape and regenerate it into the original transmission signal.


How to Use Outdoor Optical Receivers?

The use of an outdoor optical receiver is relatively simple. It is enough to select the appropriate power supply mode and adjust the necessary signal.

There are two kinds of outdoor optical receiver installation locations, one is installed on the building, but installed on the line pole. When it is installed on the building, it should avoid direct sunlight as far as possible, and the position should be in the middle, which is conducive to rain proof, ventilation and heat dissipation. When it is installed on the pole, the optical junction box and optical receiver should be installed on both sides of the pole, which is conducive to installation, debugging and maintenance.

Because the centralized power supply has the advantages of stable network and easy management, most of the field optical receivers and trunk amplifiers use 60V centralized power supply. According to the actual situation, the centralized power supply can adopt two methods: direct power supply and post stage power supply through the amplifier. The direct power supply mode is generally applicable to the situation where the optical receiver is directly connected with the user.

In general, the normal operation of the optical receiver is ensured by defining the received optical power of the optical receiver and adjusting the RF signal level and slope. Under the condition of ensuring that the shell of the optical receiver is well grounded, insert the feed plug. After feeding, the optical power of the optical receiver should be checked first. After confirming that the optical power is normal, the level and slope can be adjusted. After the signal of the optical receiver is adjusted, cover the optical receiver, and fasten the f-head with waterproof tape. If possible, cover the heat shrinkable tube before installing the f-head, and heat shrinkable with the alcohol blowtorch after installation, so as to be safer.


In order to ensure the correct installation and use of the outdoor optical receiver, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive acceptance of the optical receiver before installation, and carefully read the operation manual. The outdoor optical receiver produced by Hengchi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. fully meets the industry standard, and has excellent in band flatness, which ensures the performance index of the product. If you are engaged in outdoor optical receiver related business or interested in the outdoor optical receiver, you can consider our reliable products.

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