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How To Use Passive Optical Node?
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How To Use Passive Optical Node?

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How To Use Passive Optical Node?

The invention and widespread production of passive optical nodes have brought us a step closer to the goal of putting the Internet in every home over the world. Passive optical nodes are most commonly used in low-cost FTTH networks. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also stunning in function. But getting the most out of passive optical nodes is the best way to use them. Do you know how to use passive optical nodes correctly? Do you know the steps for using passive optical nodes? If you don't know much about how to use passive light nodes, you'll get the general idea after reading this article.

Points to note before using passive optical nodes.

Find the correct location to connect the passive optical nodes.n

Matters to be confirmed after installation of the passive optical node.

1.Points to note before using passive optical nodes.

Generally speaking, passive optical nodes are used in conjunction with low-cost FTTH networks. So before you use it, you need to read the instructions carefully or the product details on the website that you bought them.  Compare the indicators of the passive optical node with the network to which it is connected, and the installation will be carried out after confirming the compatibility of the two products. Otherwise, it is easy to use functional failure or a series of security risks.


2.Find the correct location to connect the passive optical nodes.

After identifying the indicators of passive optical nodes, you need to have a general understanding of the basic structure of the product you are working on. A typical passive optical node has three parts, an interface connecting the input and output ends and a plastic part in the middle. Find the correct connector in the network where you need to install passive optical nodes and connect them correctly. After the connection is good, confirm whether the connecting head is tightened to prevent bad contact in the process of using.


3.Matters to be confirmed after installation of the passive optical node.

The passive optical nodes do not need to be fixed regularly, which means that we do not need to care about the passive optical nodes after they are properly installed. Although this is the case, I would recommend that you periodically monitor the passive optical connections so that you can fix problems before they become serious.When you feel it has been working for you for a long time, remember to get a new one.


Finally, I would like to emphasize one more point that it is important to read the specifications and precautions of passive optical nodes in the instruction manual carefully. Different types of passive optical nodes have different standards of use, but their common feature is convenience. If you want to purchase passive optical nodes, you can choose from our website“https://www.hzhcgd.com/”, which is the website of our company. We sincerely hope that the use of passive optical nodes can bring you more convenience.


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