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High Power 16 Port EDFA Optical Amplifier
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High Power 16 Port EDFA Optical Amplifier

  • EYDFA2U-16
  • H-OPTI

High power EDFA is a new generation EYDFA that is the First Unit to embed credit time funcation in CATV industry. It has wide input power range with 3 different control mode. It has a built-in unviersal Web server for different OS. This series EDFA offers a flexible and low-cost solution for CATV large area coverage of metropolises and medium-sized cities.
It is mainly used for value-added services such as TV image signal, digital TV signal, telephone signal and data (or compressed data) signal. It is a high-quality but low-cost solution to realize triple play and FTTx network transmission systems.


  • In-build WDM for CATV + Internet optional

  • In-build optical switch, switch the  optical input automatically optional
  • Credit time function

  • modify and check device parameters by mobbile phone.

  • 47-1000Mhz  working  bandwidth

  • LCD screen on the front panel can display relative operating status and the fault information.

  • Double power supply AC110-220V, DC48V, SNMP

    EDFA 2U

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