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CATV Edfa 4 Port with SNMP
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CATV Edfa 4 Port with SNMP

  • EDFA1U
  • H-OPTI

1550nm EDFA are designed for using in CATV、FTTX and HFC application. It is optimized for 1550nm wavelength with 1U 19 inch rack housing. The product is flexible enough to perform all the requirements of CATV、FTTX and HFC applications. The device chooses a high performance PUMP laser and circuit (include ACC and APC) and optical output power is adjustable and flexible for network link loss budget. Also provide monitors and associated alarms for all vital characteristics. The status and management of the device can be monitored and managed either from the LCD front panel display /Web or remotely via Ethernet based-SNMP NMS.

It is an important equipment for building CATV large Medium-sized optical fiber transmission network. 


  • Double pump, double power supply

  • Standard 19 inch 1U Rack  

  • 1/2/4 output ports with or without WDM

  • Total output power range 13-26db

  • Wide input dynamic range(0 to +10dBm)

  • Web browser management

  • Automatic Power Control (APC) or Automatic Current Control (ACC)

  • LCD front panel display for local monitor

  • Remote management via SNMP (Ethernet Interface)

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