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Application of passive optical nodes
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Application of passive optical nodes

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Application of passive optical nodes

With the popularization of information, people have also begun to in-depth research on the Internet. In recent years, many networks have been popularized all over the world, and people have also felt the convenience brought by information. FTTH network as a member of the network world, its role is also indispensable. Passive optical nodes have high responsiveness photodiodes, patented assembly, high reliability, and do not require power supply or regular maintenance. Because of this characteristic, the passive optical node is often used in low-cost FTTH networks. If you want to learn more about passive optical node applications and low-cost FTTH networks, this article may help you.

When were passive optical nodes first used?

Application of passive optical nodes in low-cost FTTH networks.

What things in life have passive optical nodes?


1.When were passive optical nodes first used?

If you want to trace when the passive optical node was used, it must be closely related to the low-cost FTTH network.

In the 1970s, the world's optical fiber communication has not been effectively applied. After China's reform and opening up in 1978, the research and development of optical fiber communication was greatly accelerated. Optical fiber communication test systems have been developed in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Guilin. The passive optical node was basically modeled around that time. After continuous technological improvement and innovation, the passive optical nodes with simple appearance are now very practical.


2.Application of passive optical nodes in FTTH networks.

To understand the application of passive optical nodes in low-cost FTTH networks, first you need to know what a low-cost FTTH network is. Fiber-to-home is a transmission method of fiber-optic communication. Specifically, FTTH refers to the installation of optical network units at home users or corporate users, and is the type of optical access network application that is closest to users in the optical access series except FTTD. The notable technical features of FTTH are not only to provide greater bandwidth, but also to enhance the transparency of the network on data format, rate, wavelength and protocol, relax the requirements on environmental conditions and power supply, and simplify maintenance and installation.

Knowing the FTTH network, then you can understand that the passive optical node acts as a connector in it. Both ends of the passive optical node can be connected to other devices separately.


3.What things in life have passive optical nodes?

First of all, all kinds of switches have passive optical nodes, such as limit switch, travel switch, foot switch, rotary switch, temperature switch, liquid level switch, etc. The normal control process of these switches is not without the help of passive optical nodes.

Then there are various buttons. These keys are similar to the switches above, and passive optical nodes can also play a similar role in them.

There are also outputs for various sensors, such as sensors in environmental dynamic monitoring, flood sensors, fire alarm sensors, glass breaking, vibration, smoke and condensation sensors contain passive optical nodes.

Finally, passive optical nodes are indispensable in the output of relays and reed switches.


Passive optical nodes can play a role in low-cost FTTH networks and various switches and buttons, which is closely related to its function of connecting each terminal and its lightweight shape. In the next period of time, the network will continue to develop a high speed, and more basic components such as passive optical nodes will become an essential part. If you want to purchase passive optical nodes, you can go to our website “https://www.hzhcgd.com/” to find the purchase information. We look forward to hearing from you at any time.


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