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Application of EDFA Optical Amplifiers
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Application of EDFA Optical Amplifiers

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Application of EDFA Optical Amplifiers

The fiber amplifier is a new type of all-optical amplifier, which can directly amplify the optical signal without complicated processes such as photoelectric conversion, electro-optic conversion and signal regeneration. As early as 1964, people began to study it. With the continuous development of working characteristics and manufacturing technology of low loss rare-earth-doped fiber, it was not used until 1986. Among them, EDFA optical amplifier has become an ideal amplifier for modern optical fiber communication system due to its many excellent characteristics.


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What is the basic structure of EDFA optical amplifiers?

What are the application forms of EDFA optical amplifier?

How is EDFA optical amplifier applied?


What is the basic structure of EDFA optical amplifiers?

EDFA optical amplifier is mainly composed of erbium-doped fiber (EDF), pump light source, optical coupler (or WDM), optical isolator and so on. The function of an optical coupler (or WDM multiplexer) is to combine signal light with pump light. The function of an optical isolator is to suppress reflection to ensure the stability of optical amplifiers. The optical isolator at the input eliminates the possible interference caused by the back propagation of amplified spontaneous radiation at the input, and the optical isolator at the output protects the device from the possible reverse reflection from the lower section.


What are the application forms of EDFA optical amplifier?

EDFA optical amplifier has four main applications, which are transmitter power amplifier, preamplifier, optical repeater and optical access network node amplifier.

1. Used as a power amplifier for transmitters

Using EDFA as a power amplifier of the transmitter is to connect EDFA to the output of transmitter to increase the output optical power and thus to increase the optical power of front fiber so as to extend the communication transmission distance.

2. Used as a pre-amplifier

For the preamplifier of the optical receiver, it is generally required to have low noise and high gain characteristics. The EDFA optical amplifier is just characterized by low noise. It can be used as the pre-amplifier of the receiver to greatly improve the sensitivity of the optical receiver.

3. Used as an optical repeater

EDFA is used to replace the traditional optical/electrical/optical repeater to amplify the optical signal in the optical fiber line directly. This not only realizes all-optical communication, but also solves the electronic bottleneck problem of photoelectric exchange, which lays the foundation for the development of an all-optical network.

4. Used as a node amplifier in the optical access network

In the optical access network, due to the excessive number of distribution nodes, the distribution optical power signal will be reduced. Connecting EDFA in front of the distribution node can improve the optical power of the distribution node, so as to improve the optical signal power of each branch, and ultimately improve the transmission quality of the access network.


How is EDFA optical amplifier applied?

EDFA optical amplifiers can be used in the following systems.

1. Large capacity and high speed optical communication system

EDFA optical amplifier is used in high-capacity and high-speed optical communication system, which can make up for the defects of the low sensitivity of the receiver in high-speed system and short transmission distance without a relay.

2. Long distance optical communication system

The application of EDFA can increase the relay distance, reduce the number of regenerative repeaters, and greatly reduce the construction cost. It can be used in land trunk optical transmission systems and submarine optical cable transmission system.

3. Optical fiber subscriber access network system

When the user's system distance is too long, fiber amplifier plays the role of the relay. EDFA optical amplifier can be used to compensate for the optical loss caused by power distribution, which greatly increases the number of users.

4. WDM system

WDM plus EDFA optical amplifier not only solves the problem of insertion loss, but also reduces the influence of dispersion.

5. Optical fiber CATV system

It is used to improve the output power of the optical transmitter. The EDFA optical amplifier can compensate for the insertion loss of the optical power divider before distribution, which greatly improves the size of the distribution network and the number of users.

6. All optical communication system

The combination of wavelength division multiplexing and EDFA optical amplifier can realize an all-optical communication network without upper and lower optical path, and expand the network scale.


At present, the WDM system has gradually become the mainstream technology in the trunk transmission system. As one of the core devices of the WDM system, the application of EDFA will develop rapidly. Hengchi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. has more than 14 years of experience in complex optical fiber and electronic circuits, and all products can stably serve the optical fiber communication engineering and obtain high evaluation. If you are engaged in erbium-doped fiber amplifier industry or have purchase demand, you can consider our high-quality products.

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