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1550nm Direct Modulation Optical Transmitter with AGC
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1550nm Direct Modulation Optical Transmitter with AGC

HP-DT1550nm optical transmitter is designed according to CATV standard. It modulates CATV RF amplitude signal into 1550nm optical signal and then transmits it to optical node in HFC network through single-mode optical fiber. It is mainly used for TV signal medium-sized network transmission and the distribution network with short distance, it can be amplified after stage. 
  • HP-DT1550
  • H-OPTI

1550nm optical transmitter has high performance, high reliability and excellent performance-cost ratio and can be widely used in various applications. Long-distance digital and analog signal communication applications include secondary CATV trunk lines and distribution networks, CWDM/DWDM systems, fiber optic sensing, and security monitoring systems.

Construction for FTTH Network

For CATV secondary network signal transmission

Matched with high power optical amplifier



  • Imported double module RF driver

  • 47-1000Mhz operating bandwidth

  • LCD screen on the front panel can display relative operating status and the fault information.

  • Automatic laser modulation (MOI) control, AGC & MGC

  • Double power supply, SNMP

  • Full-automatically control of casing temperature 

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